Cadillac Valet Service

Cadillac Ownership has its privileges. We’re proud to introduce the Cadillac Valet Service in Forest Lake, MN. With this service, you will no longer have to visit the dealership for service. Instead, one of our valet attendants will bring a loaner vehicle to you, bring your Cadillac to the dealership for service and return it to you when the work is complete. It’s that simple.

Get Started

  1. Call us at 651.255.2888
  2. We will bring you a loaner and pick up your Cadillac
  3. Your Cadillac will be serviced
  4. We will return your Cadillac and pick up your loaner

All 2011 and newer Cadillacs include Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance that covers certain required maintenance services during the first 4-years or 50,000-miles of vehicle operation. Take advantage of yours.