So can’t find your car. You didn’t loan it to someone else or forget where you parked. And you know it wasn’t towed. That means one thing – it was stolen. Car theft happens every day all over the U.S. Here’s what to do if you fall victim:

1. File a police report.

Call or visit your local police department and file a stolen vehicle report. You’ll have to provide the make and model, color, year, license plate number, and VIN. And the date and time you last saw your car.

2. Contact your car insurance company.

Submit a claim within 24 hours of theft. Or as soon as possible after you’ve filed a police report. You’ll have to give a copy of the police report, and a list of any valuables left in your car.

3. Contact your financing or leasing company.

You need to keep the lender in the loop throughout the whole process. If they have your title, any insurance settlement will go to them first. And you’ll get any remaining funds.

4. Contact the DMV.

The DMV keeps a database of all stolen vehicles. So you won’t have any issues if someone else tries to register your car.

5. Track your car.

Newer cars are loaded with technology. And many of them can help police locate your vehicle. Or, you might have GPS tracking through your insurance.

6. Get a rental.

Your insurance likely covers rentals. So you’ll have a way of getting around until your car is returned.

7. Keep up with insurance and monthly car payments.

You should still keep paying for your car, even if it’s not in your possession. If there’s a gap in your insurance over 30 days, your rate will likely go up. You’re also obligated to make all car payments until you suspend your registration.

8. Accept the fact that you might not get your car back.

Only half of stolen cars are recovered. That’s because many of them are scrapped and sold for parts. So you might not get yours back. And if you do, it might have damage or missing parts.

9. If your car is recovered, inspect it thoroughly.

Check for any damage or missing parts. Your insurer might pay to have it fixed, depending on your coverage. You also want to make sure there’s nothing in your car that isn’t yours. Especially illegal items. Give anything you find to the police.

10. Protect your car in the future.

Get a tracking device or an anti-theft device. These might be expensive, but they’re a lot cheaper than the cost of losing your car.

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