In an effort to proclaim our commitment to the local community of Forest Lake and the surrounding North Metro Twin Cities area, we have changed our name to Forest Lake Chevrolet. We will always continue to bring our customers the best service, lowest prices, and excellent service they have come to expect from Wilcox Chevrolet Cadillac. The name may be changing, but our long serving staff of experienced professionals will continue to proudly serve you.

Exclusive Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

There is more news we are excited to announce. Effective immediately, all new Chevrolet vehicles, new Cadillac vehicles and most pre-owned vehicles at Forest Lake Chevrolet include a lifetime powertrain warranty. This is just another way that we hope to take the Wilcox Chevrolet Cadillac brand and only make it better. You could always be confident that you were getting a great deal from us, but now you can have the confidence that your car will run for as long as you own it.

New Website Features

Along with our new name comes this new website. Wilcox Chevrolet Cadillac has always provided financial services. Now we have made it even easier to obtain the financing you need to get the car you want. You can get pre-approved for an auto loan or even complete a full application for financing right here on this site. With these tools we can speed up the process of getting you into the car you want by saving you time at the dealership. The financing applications are fully secured so you can rest assured that your private information remains private.

You can schedule an appointment for service or order accessories to add a personal touch to your new or used car.

This new website is designed to work on any device by automatically adjusting the layout and sizes of content based on the screen you are viewing it from. This ensures a consistent experience regardless of what device you are using to access

Wilcox Chevrolet Cadillac Customers

The ownership of Forest Lake Chevrolet remains unchanged. Any commitments made to you by Wilcox Chevrolet Cadillac are still valid and will always be honored. Wilcox Chevrolet Cadillac has served you well for years and we will work tirelessly to ensure that Forest Lake Chevrolet is here for years to come to provide you with low prices, quality vehicles, and personalized service.

We ship anywhere in the United States.

Get a vehicle with our low prices and free Lifetime Powertrain Warranty* delivered straight to your door.

*Lifetime Powertrain Warranty available on most pre-owned vehicles and most new Chevrolet vehicles. Not available on new Cadillac vehicles.