Your car should run quietly. So when it starts to make a noise that you aren’t used to, it can be scary. That could mean it needs some major repairs. What about when your brakes squeak? Here’s what could be causing that, and how to fix it.

  • Your brake pads are worn. Modern pads come with a small piece of metal that makes contact with the rotor. It generated a squealing or grinding sound when your brake pads are reaching their end of their life. Then they need to be replaced
  • Your brakes are cold. It’s common for them to squeak when you first use them after a cold start. That’s because there’s moisture or surface rust on the pads.
  • There’s debris stuck between the pad and the rotor. It has to be cleared out by a mechanic.
  • The drum braking system isn’t properly lubricated. You’ll have to take out the shoes and drum and lubricate the backing plate.
  • You’re riding the brakes too hard. You need to pull over and give them some time to cool off.
  • You’ve had faulty brake work. A mechanic might have resurfaced the rotors, but didn’t refinish them properly. This has to be redone.
  • You have poor quality pad or shoe friction material. This is common in semi-metallic brakes. You have to replace the pads with ones that are better quality.

If your brakes are making any kind of noise, you shouldn’t ignore it. There may be damage that gets worse over time. Then it will be very expensive to fix, or very dangerous for your car.

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