It’s no question that Chevys work for people of all sizes. The 2022 Chevrolet Equinox has even been named one of the best cars for short people this year. The SUV earned the title from Kelley Blue Book. It ranks above Subaru, Chrysler, Volkswagen, and other brands. Here are its most accommodating features.

8-Way Power Front Seats

As the name states, they can be adjusted eight different ways. That will give you ultimate convenience and comfort. Tilt them forward, back, up or down, or recline them. You can tilt the seat cushion up or down. And, they have 2-way lumbar support.

Tilt-and-Telescoping Steering Wheel

You can adjust the height of the wheel as needed. Then you can easily reach it and still see the dashboard. It can be moved up, down, towards or away from you. Just pull the lever underneath.

Grab Handles

These are located on the ceiling right inside the doors. So you won’t have a hard time getting into your vehicle. You and your passengers can easily pull yourselves in and get going.

Hands-Free Liftgate

You can open and close the trunk one of four ways. You can wave your foot under the back bumper, press the button on your key fob, or press the button inside the vehicle. Or you can press the touchpad on the trunk handle. There’s even a memory height function, so it can suit your size.

HD Surround Vision

There are multiple cameras all around the vehicle. You can see all of your blind spots, and avoid all other people, cars and objects. It even has lane guidelines to help you park. It works when you’re in reverse or while you’re driving.

Parking Assist

There’s automatic parking assist and front and rear park assist. The first feature can steer your vehicle into any parallel or perpendicular parking space. You brake, accelerate, and change gears as it tells you. The second feature tells you when there are other people, cars or objects in front of or behind you.

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