Classic Chevrolet cars have a soft spot in many of our hearts. Whether the tire-shredding torque speaks to our souls or the sleek designs charm our eyes, there’s no disputing the allure of a 1960s Chevrolet. In a recent publication by Car and Driver, Car and Driver revived some classic Chevrolet ads from the 1960s. These advertisements were published in the Car and Driver magazine nearly fifty years ago.

Chevrolet Corvette Ad from February, 1964

Classic Chevrolet Cars 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Ad

This 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray had an optional 36.5 gallon gas tank. Fully filled, that optional gas tank holds 219 pounds of gasoline.

Chevrolet Camaro Ad from November, 1966

Classic Chevrolet Cars Chevrolet Camaro Ad

This two-page ad details the differences between the Camaro trim levels of the day. We’ll take an SS 350, please.

Chevrolet Corvette Ad from December, 1966

Classic Chevrolet Cars Corvette Ad

Just like the most modern Corvettes, the classic Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray was renowned for its blend of performance, comfort and convenience.

Chevrolet Camaro Ad from February, 1967

Chevrolet Cars Ad from 1967

Look how far the Chevrolet Camaro has come from its earlier iterations. Which one is better? Modern or the classic SS 350?

Chevrolet Cars Ad from March, 1968

Chevrolet Cars Ad from 1968

Check out these two classic Chevrolet cars. Which one would you prefer? The precision-designed Corvette or the brutish Camaro.

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Ad from May, 1968

Chevrolet Cars Camaro Ad from 1968

One of the greatest Chevrolet Camaros ever made, the classic Z/28. Notice how every feature mentioned on this advertisement is performance based. Who needs touch screens and sound systems when you have a classic carbureted Chevrolet V8.

Chevrolet Chevelle Ad from August, 1969

Chevrolet Cars Chevelle Ad from the 1960s

The Chevrolet Chevelle 396 Sport Coupe of the day reminds us a lot of the modern Cadillac V-Series cars. If luxury and performance are your style, you found the right dream car.

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