Most states require you to have car insurance. It’s an extra expense on top of your other bills, but it’s more than worth it. And your monthly cost doesn’t have to be high. Here’s to get the biggest insurance discounts.

1. Shop around.

Don’t go with the first plan you find. Prices vary from company to company. So compare quotes for all companies in your area. You can call them or do it online.

2. Get a group plan.

Some companies offer a pride reduction with a group plan. That would be available to you from your employer, or a club or association you’re part of.

3. Get a multi-car policy.

If you insure vehicles together, you’ll pay less than you would if you insured them on their own. The discount can be as high as 25% with some insurers.

5. Bundle your policies.

You can bundle your policy with your home owner’s, renter’s, or life insurance. This could also save you up to 25%.

6. Get a homeowner’s discount.

Owning your own home can also get you a better car insurance rate. You might not even have to get your home insurance through the same company.

7. Get a student discount.

Some companies reward good students. You have to be full time with around a 3.0 GPA, typically. And you must be under the age of 25. Again, this could save you up to 25%.

8. Get a customer loyalty discount.

This is for any long-time customers or people who carry more than one insurance policy.

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