If you grew up driving manual transmission vehicle then you’ll certainly remember a scenario like this: You’re stopped on an upward hill. There’s a line of cars behind you. Suddenly it’s your turn to go and you have to quickly navigate the clutch, gas pedal and brake pedal all at once and hope you don’t roll backwards into the car behind you. Even after you’ve mastered the clutch, this can still be a challenge.

It’s not just for stick shift drivers, either. People who drive can automatics face this problem too, just minus the clutch. Well, now thanks to a feature called Hill Start Assist (HSA), this is a problem of the past. Hill Start Assist is available in many Chevrolet and Cadillac vehicles, but how does it work exactly? Check out the video from Chevrolet below to learn how:

That’s right, GM’s Hill Start Assist does the challenging hill work for you. It works both downhill and uphill too, and prevents you from rolling into another vehicle or obstacle. After the driver completely stops and holds the brake on a grade, HSA will activate automatically.

Chevrolet Cadillac Hill Start Assist

During the period between when the driver releases the brake pedal and starts to accelerate, HSA holds the braking pressure just enough to ensure no rolling. The brakes will automatically release when the accelerator pedal is applied within the two second window. It doesn’t not activate if the driver is facing uphill in Reverse, or facing downhill in a drive gear facing downhill.

Cars With Hill Start Assist For Sale In Forest Lake, MN

So there you have it, you now know how Brake Start Assist works in your Chevrolet or Cadillac vehicle. This feature is extremely helpful and makes driving just a little bit more pressure-free. Come and test drive some of our vehicles with HSA and you can try it out for yourself. On top of available HSA, many of our vehicles include a free Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. Come and see us here in Forest Lake, MN. Right by North Branch, Coon Rapids, and White Bear Lake.

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