Leather seats truly elevate your car’s interior. They are comfortable and durable, they smell great, and they feel more luxurious than cloth seats. They also bump up the resale value of your car. But, they do need some special car and attention so they continue to look their best. Here are all of the the do’s and don’t of cleaning leather seats:


  • Do vacuum all of your seats thoroughly first. You have to get rid of all loose dirt, sand and grim so it doesn’t scratch or rub your seats when you clean them.
  • Do check the leather for tares and holes. Cleaner can seep inside them and damage the leather.
  • Do use a microfiber cloth. It won’t scratch your leather.
  • Do us a cleaner with non-toxic and natural ingredients.
  • Do apply the cleaner to your cloth, not directly to the leather.
  • Do spot test cleaner in a hidden area so you know whether it works on the leather.
  • Do clean slowly and work in small sections. This will minimize any chance of discoloration.
  • Do clean your leather regularly, about once a month, and condition it a few times a year.


  • Don’t guess on what kind of leather it is. Ask the car’s previous owner or the dealership about its type and if it’s been re-dyed.
  • Don’t use a cheap cleaner or one with wax, oil. silicone or petroleum.
  • Don’t use a brush with hard bristles. It will scratch the leather.
  • Don’t soak your cloth with cleaner. Using too much of it can damage the leather.
  • Don’t spray anything directly on the leather.
  • Don’t let the cleaner dry on the leather. It needs to be massaged into the leather until it absorbs.
  • Don’t scrub the leather.
2021 Cadillac CT5 Leather Seats

If you follow all of these steps, then your leather seats will look new for as long as you own your car. And, your car will be worth more if you ever sell it. You can also heed this advice when cleaning any other leather in your car, like on your dash, doors, or shift knob.

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