The Chevy Blazer is just reaching dealership lots but has already made a name for itself. Anyone who’s had the chance to see the brand new Blazer in person won’t be surprised to learn its interior has been names a 2019 Wards 10 Best Interiors nominee. Especially striking in RS trim, the Blazer’s interior mimics the sporting nature of its exterior. While the pictures are striking enough, there’s simply no replacement for seeing the vehicle in the flesh. Forest Lake Chevrolet has a great selection of Blazers in stock – come down and see them for yourself before they get snatched up.

Competitive Market

Blazer City Shot

The Blazer enters a particularly loaded, if somewhat confusing market. The crossover/mid-sized SUV market slides between the compact and full mid-size markets. These vehicles almost always seat 5 and are typically a few inches longer than their compact cousins. Customers in this class expect a dose of luxury, refinement, and style not found in compact SUVs. The Blazer joins the Ford Edge, Nissan Murano, Honda Passport, and Jeep Grand Cherokee.


2019 Chevy Blazer Exterior

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of what makes the interior award-winning-level great, we should give some love to the exterior as well. Although fans of the original Blazer and Trailblazer may be disappointed that the name was resurrected for a sporty crossover and not an off-road vehicle, it’s hard to deny the sharp aesthetics of the 2019 Blazer. The exterior itself presents as one unbroken wave, with the grille and bowtie emblem flowing seamlessly with the rest of the car. Where the headlights and c-pillar are sharp, the slightly bulbous rear-end provides a more welcoming feel. The Blazer is surely one of the more attractive SUVs on the market today.



Let’s start with the basics here. Every SUV is a carefully-measured adventure in spacing – it’s a game of inches. The Blazer offers a terrific combination of cargo space and passenger room. With the sunroof installed, front and rear headroom both top 38 inches, leaving plenty of room for people over six foot to feel comfortable. Front legroom is also generous, at 41 inches. The back seat with fit three in a pinch, but for maximum comfort over long trips, the Blazer is best for four total travelers. Back-seat passengers will have plenty of legroom, at almost 40 inches. For reference, JetBlue’s airline industry-leading legroom is 32-33 inches; bottom-tier Spirit and Frontier offer 28 inches.

2019 Chevy Blazer RS Interior

Overall, total passenger volume is 107.8 cubic feet, right in line with category averages. Behind the backseat is a generous cargo area of 30.5 cubic feet. Put the seats down and that number rises to 64.2 cubic feet. Also in back is a sliding gear divider that operates on a track stretching the full length of the hatch. Although intended to help contain and separate outdoors or sports paraphernalia, it could be used for grocery bags just as easily.

Features Throughout


Blazer RS sunroof

The first thing you notice inside the Blazer RS is the striking mix of black and perforated red leather found throughout the cabin. The combination provides a masculine, sporty feel without the gaudiness of a fully-red cabin. Red stitching is also used throughout the cabin, including on the central armrest, backseat door sills, and the leather around the shift lever.

Look up and you’ll see nothing but sky. The panoramic sunroof brings light to both rows of seats. The extra brightness compliments the dark upholstery and lends an airy feel to the swooped cabin.

In Back

Blazer Back Seat

In the Blazer RS you won’t have to draw straws to see who gets shotgun; the backseat is as comfortable as the front. The back of the center console provides two A/C vents and three power ports, including an advanced, fast-charging USB-C port. While the front seat occupants get to use the infotainment system, there are more options available in the back. Rear seat infotainment systems are available in the front headrests and the tablet-addicted can opt for powered or non-powered universal tablet holders mounted to the headrests.

Up Front

As soon as you enter the Blazer RS, your eyes are immediately drawn to the bright-red air vents. Both eye-catching and functional, these vents turn right for warm air and left for cold air. Conveniently nestled between the central air vents are two more power ports, perfect for charging your phone while keeping it within reach. From the infotainment system downward, the center stack tapers artfully into the shift lever, which contains another pop of color with the red “RS” logo. It’s a piece of branding that fits in well and doesn’t feel obnoxious or showy.

Blazer RS Cabin

The eight-inch infotainment screen can control almost everything in the car, but Chevy was smart to leave some redundant buttons in the center stack. You can still adjust the temperature, seat heaters and music volume with the push of real button – eliminating the need to take your eyes of the road to look at the screen.

Blazer RS Center Stack

The Blazer also avoids the misconception that sleek and sporty has to be small. The leather-wrapped and red-stitched steering wheel feels appropriate for a vehicle of the Blazer’s size, but it isn’t chunky or obstructive. The door handles are big enough to find without looking. The front doors contain two compartments, a good use of space for storage of oft-needed items, such as an umbrella. Sitting in the driver’s seat of a Blazer is much like seeing it from the outside. It’s an SUV, but with a sense of style.

Ready to see this award-nominated interior for yourself? Come over to Forest Lake Chevrolet, where we already have a full selection of Blazers in stock. See how easily this stylish SUV can fit into your life!

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