Cadillac is preparing to introduce the new CT5-V and CT4-V on May 30. While other U.S. automakers are pulling back on sedans in favor of SUVs, Cadillac is doubling down on the traditional four-door in a performance-oriented manner. Although a lot of the specifics are being kept under wraps, some details have been released and we’re excited to report on them.

This release comes as Cadillac celebrates fifteen years of their V-Series performance line. The V-Series, known for its sporty sedans, has grown into a well known sub brand of Cadillac. These series of vehicles are inspired by top-of-the-line, race ready vehicles and are tailor-made to bring stunning performance to everyday driving. As Cadillac’s reputation has shown us, these sedans are designed to take on the best from Germany.

In an interview with Ken Kornas, Cadillac’s global product manager, he revealed that the upcoming models will have a unique grille and exhaust system. We can also expect more aggressive bumpers, a rear spoiler, and possibly even a ventilated hood. The models are also rumored to have a sportier suspension and unique alloy wheels wrapped in high-performance rubber. Kornas didn’t talk about specifics but he did state that the cars will have “distinctive design elements” that will separate them from their competition.

Front view of a red Cadillac CT5

It is confirmed that the new CT4-V will be smaller to provide better distinction within Cadillac’s sedan portfolio. This smaller sedan will include the latest version of GM’s Alpha platform like the CT5 and CT5-V. It seems very unlikely that it will come with a V-8 engine, but it is said that the brand could include a 3.0-liter-twin-turbo V-6 engine. Rumors also suggest that Cadillac could even go smaller with turbocharged inline-4. What we do know is that the CT4-V is set to rival Audi A3, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, and BMW 2-Series.

The CT5 replaces the CTS in Cadillac’s lineup so it was no surprise a CT5-V is a successor to the CTS-V. The CT5-V is said to provide everything customers expect from a performance standpoint. It’s likely we’ll see the brand’s 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8 engine under the hood on this model. This engine delivers an exceptional power density of 131 hp (98 kW) per liter for an estimated 550 horsepower (410 kW) and 627 pound-feet of torque (850 Nm). It is also said to introduce an improved interior over the third-generation CTS, with increased levels of refinement, luxury and convenience.

When asked about pricing during an interview, Ken Kornas did not say how much either performance sedans will cost but he did call both cars the most “affordable and accessible” V-Series models ever. From this we can conclude that owning one of these vehicles will be easier than ever. We know that both cars will be on sale early next year, which gives us quite a while before we see either of these performance sedans accelerating down the streets.

Interior view of a Cadillac CT5-V

During the announcement, Cadillac also stated that these two cars are “just the beginning”. This seems like an obvious sign that Cadillac is planning to release other V-series models. Since the CT4 and CT5 will round out the company’s car line, the next logical choice would be crossovers. It will be interesting to see what an XT4-V or XT5-V will be like, but in the meantime, we’ll look forward to Cadillacs new sedans. The CT5-V and CT4-V are set to debut in Detroit Michigan on March 30, just ahead of the Detroit Grand Prix this coming weekend.

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