Cadillac shocked viewers of the 2015 Oscars on Sunday with the reveal of Cadillac’s new flagship CT6 sedan. For a while now, Cadillac has kept any and all information on the up and coming Cadillac CT6 under lock-and-key.

Cadillac CT6 Reveal at the Oscars

Many people who have been tuned into Cadillac’s infrequent updates on the CT6 have been speculating on the appearance of their new flagship model. As it turns out, the CT6 is beautiful. We’re not exactly surprised, however. The latest releases on the Cadillac CTS-V and the Cadillac ATS-V have been stellar.

The Cadillac CT6 appeared in a commercial during the 2015 Oscars in stylish fashion. Rolling through a grungy, old city neighborhood, the elegant white CT6 offered beautiful contrast. The CT6 appears low and sleek. The jagged edges and wide front end give off a powerful presence. With simplicity in its design, the CT6 appears classy and refined.

Cadillac CT6

What we know about the Cadillac CT6 is limited. We understand that the CT6 is being built by Cadillac to be a ‘Pinnacle of Prestige’. Cadillac is bringing the CT6 to market as a display of what they can do. If this exterior reveal is any sort of indicator of their design philosophies, we can anticipate a sleek and highly functional interior. One of the beautiful things about having a flagship model is that its features are likely to trickle down into the other models. Cadillac is going through a revolution and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us.

Cadillac CT6

It’s hard to think of where Cadillac can go from the CTS-V or the ATS-V, but Cadillac is broadcasting that the new CT6 will be their top-of-range sedan. Cadillac says that their new CT6 sedan will focus on a dynamic driving experience and advanced technology. We look forward to seeing how Cadillac reinvents themselves as more updates on the Cadillac CT6 roll out.

Cadillac CT6 Updates

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