So you just bought a brand new car. And now you’re thinking of all the ways you’re going to take care of it. One of the things you should consider is how to protect the paint. The better it looks, the more you’ll love it. And the more you can get for it if you sell it. Here’s what you can do:

1. Wash and dry your car regularly. Then you’ll get rid of all accumulated dust, dirt and grim. This will also protect it from the harmful effects of UV rays.

2. Polish with wax. It acts as a protective layer against dirt, grime, bird poop, UV rays and more. It also reduces the drag force applied to your car, which makes it more efficient.

3. Use paint sealant. It protects against UV rays, acid rain, and flying debris.

4. Use synthetic coating. It keeps the paint from raiding, and protects against chemical stains.

5. Keep your car under shade or cover when you’re not using it. This will protect your paint from almost anything.

Car Detailing in Forest Lake, MN

We offer full-service car detailing at Forest Lake Chevrolet in Forest Lake, MN. Choose from four different packages, with prices ranging from $59.95 to $249.95. You can also add on paint sealant, scratch removal, and other services. Everything is done by hand to make sure your ride is properly cared for. Once we’re done with it, it’ll look as good as new! Call us at (651) 255-2888 to book an appointment.

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