One of the biggest challenged for running a behemoth engine is keeping it cool. Over the years, auto manufacturers have been loading up on radiators and maximizing airflow. This new addition to the 2017 Silverado HD family is no different. All new 2017 Silverado HD pickups equipped with the Duramax diesel engine will come with Chevrolet’s newly patented air intake system.

2017 Chevrolet HD Hood Scoop White Truck

The new intake system feeds 60 percent of the air into the Duramax diesel through a new hood scoop. Because the air is quickly fed from the outside into the engine, the engine is getting much cooler air – good for performance and longevity.

Cooler intake temperatures allow the engine to run at max performance for longer, especially in unfavorable weather conditions. Whether you’re trailering, hill climbing, or just being a hooligan, the new hood scoop should be a welcome addition.

The new hood scoop is also used to filter out moisture and water droplets to keep the intake air clean and dry. Chevrolet engineers designed the new hood scoop to bring air into an expansion chamber that has a sharp 180-degree turn before the airflow enters the filter. This turn causes humidity and mist to combine into larger droplets that centrifugally collect on the outer wall of the chamber and drain through a valve, leaving cooler and cleaner air to enter the filter and into the engine.

2017 Chevrolet HD Hood Scoop Full White Truck

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