It has been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Chevrolet just revealed the next generation 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. The new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro has undergone massive changes over the current 2015 model year. It has been completely redesigned from the ground up to be lighter, more efficient and more powerful. For those interested in learning more about the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, read on and visit us in Forest Lake, MN.

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2016 Chevrolet Camaro Revealed

Over the last several weeks, Chevrolet has been revealing numerous bits and details about the Camaro, but they wouldn’t let us see it. Now, they’ve released full images of the production version of the car. It looks great. For more detailed discussion on the engine, exhaust, wheels and brakes, check out our previous blog post. To hear audio of the engine, check out our earliest post.

In the most recent reveal, Chevrolet unveiled the full 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. They revealed the three engine options to be offered in the new car. The engine options include a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, a 3.6L V6 engine and the legendary 6.2L LT1 V8 from the Corvette Stingray. The turbocharged engine was designed to leverage the reduced weight of the Camaro Six with a more fuel-efficient powertrain. The 2.0L turbo engine will put out 275 horsepower, 295 lb-ft of torque, carry the car a 30 MPG highway and launch to 60 in under 6 seconds. The 3.6L V6 engine is an all-new engine that puts out 335 horsepower and 284 lb-ft of torque. The 6.2L LT1 V8 engine in the SS models are set to give the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS more horsepower than any other SS before with 455 horsepower and 455 lb-ft of torque.

An all-new architecture in the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro allowed for a weight reduction of over 200 pounds. This means that the new car will be nimbler, quicker, and more efficient than the outgoing model year. The only carryover from the current model are the Chevy emblems and the SS badge.

This reveal is the first time we have been able to see what the inside of the new Camaro will look like. The interior features soft, premium trim at key points of contact for added comfort. It is technologically sophisticated with a collection of performance and connective technologies. While the details aren’t out, photos reveal a unique digital information screen ahead of the driver and another screen at the center of the dash. Surely to carry performance metrics and Chevrolet’s MyLink system.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro in Forest Lake, MN

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is coming to Forest Lake, MN. While the official release date hasn’t been revealed, we’re eager to see the beast in person. As more information is revealed, stay tuned. Don’t want to wait? Check out our selection of the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro. We offer a great selection, the lowest prices, and a free Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. Protect that V8 for life. Visit us in Forest Lake, MN near North Branch, Roseville and White Bear Lake, MN.

New Chevrolet Camaro Inventory in Forest Lake, MN

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