Gas prices are at a record high all over the country. Watching the screen tick up to $40 or $50 is the worst. You miss the days when filling up your tank was affordable. Here are ten ways to save money at the pump.

1. Use apps to find the cheapest gas.

They’ll tell you the prices at all the stations in the area. Users can change those numbers themselves, so they always stay up to date. Sometimes you can save a lot of money just by driving down the street.

2. Join a fuel rewards program.

Gas stations and grocery stores have their own programs so you’ll be a royal customer. There are different ways to save, so always read the rules. You could get up to 25 cents off per gallon. There are paid programs, too, for bigger rewards.

3. Pay with a rewards card.

This could be a gas card, or a credit card with great cash back options. Just pay off the charges each month so you’re not paying interest.

4. Pay with cash.

Some gas stations charge a lower price per gallon with cash. Then they can avoid card processing fees. Even just a few cents off can go a long way, especially over time.

5. Fill up early in the week.

Prices ten to be the lowest on Mondays and Tuesdays. And highest on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Always start the week with a full tank.

6. Don’t use premium.

Unless your car requires premium gas, it has little to no benefits. It’s an additional 20 to 40 cents more per gallon than regular-grade fuel. So it’s an extra cost for nothing.

7. Share rides.

Drive with other friends or coworkers whenever possible. Take other kids to school or extracurricular activities. And swap driving duties with other parents. You’ll split the cost of gas and help the environment.

8. Plan routes.

Do all of your shopping and errands on the same day. If the grocery store is near work, go when you clock out. Not on the weekend. It will be less busy. So you’ll save time, too.

9. Follow the speed limit.

Fuel efficiency declines above 50 MPH. Don’t waste gas by going over. If you’re over, you might get a speed limit. That’s another hefty cost. It can also drive up your insurance.

10. Don’t idle.

Don’t start the car and leaving it running. That’s a big waste of gas. And it pollutes the air.Always be ready to go when you start the engine.

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