Value Your Trade

Use the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Tool below to get the value of your trade in seconds. Kelley Blue Book is the most reputable source for used car values. With this tool you can have confidence in the shopping experience at Forest Lake Chevrolet.

Hidden Benefits of Trading In

Many people fail to realize that with our high trade in values, you could actually save money over private party sales by trading in your vehicle. In addition to our high trade in value offers, you’ll also save money with lower taxes. When you trade in your vehicle for another vehicle, you’re only taxed on the difference in values. If your trade in is worth $15,000, you’ll save over $1,000 on taxes.

Other benefits of trading in include the avoidance of costly repairs, saving time and having a safe experience. Trading in your vehicle allows you to bypass the time-wasting and difficult private party sales process. With our high trade in value offers and tax incentives, there’s no reason not to trade in your vehicle.

This tool only allows us to give you an idea or starting point for what your vehicle is worth. For a full offer, use the directions below to visit us in Forest Lake, MN and get a complete assessment.

How Is My Trade in Value Determined?

Trade in value determination is based on a wide variety of elements that combine to identify a market value for your vehicle. Above, Kelley Blue Book references loads of reliable sources to determine your trade in value. These include wholesale auctions, independent dealers, franchised dealers, rental and fleet transactions, financial institution lessors and thousands of consumer private party transactions.

Often times however, trade in value from Kelley Blue Book doesn’t tell the whole story. Over time, your vehicle will undergo many different types of depreciation due to aging, condition, mileage and more. When we determine a value for your car, we reference our sources and identify the trade in value of your car based on its condition and market value. Here is a list of some of the things we consider when we determine your trade in value:

  • Vehicle Age
  • Vehicle Mileage
  • Make, Model, Trim
  • Market Value
  • Overall Condition
  • Mechanical Condition
  • Paint Condition
  • Previous Accidents
  • Interior Condition
  • Tire Wear
  • Title Status
  • Cost to Recondition

*All of our vehicles that we place for sale go through a rigorous and thorough reconditioning process to ensure that our customers get a top-quality vehicle.

With our trained staff, we are able to assess your trade in value in a matter of minutes to help make your trade in process as easy and as painless as possible.