Trade In

One common misconception about trading in your used vehicle is that you’ll lose a lot of money with poor trade in values. While that is a pretty common experience that car buyers have with other dealers, it’s not one that people have when they trade in cars with us. We offer great trade in value when you sell your car or trade in your car with us, and you’ll get added tax benefits, too. We offer the best trade in values around. Value your trade online through our website for an idea of what your vehicle is worth. There are numerous reasons that lead people to trade in their vehicles, especially with us.

Value your Trade in Forest Lake, MN

Save Money

Saving money isn’t something that people usually think of when they’re deciding whether to trade in their car or sell it themselves. However, with our great offers and tax benefits for trading in, you’ll find that you’ll be better off financially over selling your car yourself. We reference numerous industry-leading sources to help give you the best trade in value. Trade in value is also amplified by the tax savings you’ll receive.

One thing that many people are unaware of is that when you’re trading in your vehicle for another, you’re only taxed on the difference in prices. This improves your overall trade in value. For example, if you go through the hassle of selling your car yourself, you’re going to be paying taxes on the entire amount of your new vehicle. Lets say that vehicle costs $30,000. In Forest Lake, MN, you’re going to be paying 7.125% of that in taxes, totaling $2,137.50. However, if you trade in your car for $20,000 for the same car, your taxable amount is the difference of $10,000. In this scenario, the buyer is saving $1,425 in taxes in addition to their trade in value by trading in their vehicle.

Avoid Repairs

With us, getting rid of a car in need of repair is easy. Simply head on over to our service department and get an estimate on the repairs. We’ll pay the repair costs when you trade in your vehicle so you won’t have to worry about it. Most dealers will use needed repairs to heavily impact your trade in value. If you’re going to be selling to a private party, you’re going to need to repair the vehicle yourself and go through the difficulty of selling the car as is. Selling the car with needed repairs can be extremely difficult, but we make it easy. Stop by our shop for an estimate on the repairs when you’re looking to trade in your vehicle. We’ll take care of the repair costs when you trade in your vehicle.

Save Time

Selling your car through private party can take a lot of time and you may not even get an offer as high as our trade in value. You’ll have to research pricing, place ads, deal with shady phone calls and meet strangers in strange places, many of which may not buy your car. Selling a car can take months of hard work and hassle. If you’re trying to sell your car before an incentive or special offer expires, trading in will allow you to do so. Add that to the trade in value.

Trading in Is Safe

Arranging meetings with strangers can be dangerous and creepy Craigslist spam phone calls are no fun. Protect yourself and your assets. Don’t let strangers drive your car. Don’t ride alone with strangers. Don’t worry about dealing with shady or scamming buyers. Don’t keep bothering your friends to tag along just so you can feel comfortable. Bring your car into us and you’ll get a hassle-free, safe experience and excellent trade in values.

Trade in or Sell Us Your Car

Our trade in process will help you save money, avoid major repairs, minimize effort and offer a safe car selling experience. We offer the best trade in values around. We’ll help you get out of your old car and into a new Chevrolet. Or, you can also trade in your vehicle for a newer or different used car. Either way, we’ll help you save money on your next purchase.

You can even sell us your car without purchasing another one. All you have to do is bring it by and let one of us know. We’ll quickly appraise your vehicle and give you an offer. Are other dealers giving you a poor offer? Drop on by and let us give you an offer. In the meantime, value your trade through our website for a rough estimate of what we can do for you.

Value your Trade in Forest Lake, MN