New Vehicles with myChevrolet App For Sale in Forest Lake, MN

The myChevrolet App Comes to Apple Watch

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Chevrolet already makes your life easier by making cars that connect to your smartphone, and now Apple users can connect to their Chevy vehicles even more easily. The myChevrolet app, and its connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, comes standard on new Chevrolet vehicles. It lets you check on your car from anywhere, and lets you control the locks and temperature from your phone. And now, you can load myChevrolet onto your Apple Watch, to manage key vehicle functions wherever you are!

New Vehicles with myChevrolet App For Sale in Forest Lake, MN

The myChevrolet app lets you manage a ton of features from your phone or your Apple watch. You can lock and unlock your doors from the app, or remote start or stop your car if you have that feature. The app also lets you turn the horn and lights on or off. You can set the temperature of the car, too, so you’re greeted with a nice cool car in the summer or a toasty one in the winter. It also lets you set a parking reminder, so that you can follow walking directions back to where you parked! Chevrolet drivers are using the app across the entire vehicle lineup, and so Chevrolet decided the natural next step was to make it more easily available to the many Apple users to prefer to use their Apple watch.

New Vehicles with myChevrolet App For Sale in Forest Lake, MN

Nearly 1.4 million Chevrolet owners use the myChevrolet app now. It’s a great way to interact remotely with your vehicle, and there are so many convenient features you can use from the app. The myChevrolet app started as a way to access your vehicle’s OnStar system, and expanded from that idea. You can still use the app to check your vehicle diagnostics or owner’s manual, access roadside assistance, and manage the optional Wi-Fi hotspot. With this new release, the myChevrolet app for the Apple watch is now available in the US, Canada, and Mexico, and it works in English, French, or Spanish. So if you’re an Apple watch user, load this up and make sure your Chevy is the perfect temperature for your drive home today!

2017 Chevrolet Malibu with myChevrolet App

New Vehicles with myChevrolet App For Sale in Forest Lake, MN

If you want to connect to your vehicle and check on it from your phone or your watch, come to Forest Lake, MN and check out our selection of new Chevrolet vehicles! Any new Chevrolet model comes with a five-year free OnStar trial package, which lets you connect your compatible smartphone to your car. Now you can hook up your phone and keep and eye on your new car, truck, or SUV wherever you go. If you’re not sure what kind of vehicle best fits your needs, stop by and talk with a member of our sales team. They’re super friendly and helpful, and they can answer any of your questions. They’ll help you find a vehicle that has all the technology, capability, and features that you need. In addition to your myChevrolet app, all of our new Chevrolet models come with a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. Check out our inventory online, and give us a call when you see a vehicle you love. We’ll set you up with a test drive and get you behind the wheel right away! We’re located near North Branch, Roseville, and White Bear Lake, so stop by soon!

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