Chevrolet Teen Driving

Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology Helps Combat “100 Deadliest Days” of Driving

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The “100 Deadliest Days” of driving according to AAA is coming up starting on Memorial Day and lasting through labor day. These days are when the number of deadly teen driver crashes increase up to 15% over the rest of the year. Over the past five years alone there have been over 1,600 fatalities related to teen drivers during this period of the summer months. Chevrolet has some great technology for you to use to help your teen driver avoid becoming one of these statistics.

Chevrolet Teen Driving

Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology is an available built-in system that helps coach and monitor your teen driver both when you’re with them and when you’re not. Its an industry-leading tool that parents can use to discuss and correct some of bad habits and mistakes that your teen driver could make on the road.

Chevrolet Teen Driving


One of the features that Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology includes is Seat Belt Audio Mute. Only 61% of high school students wear seat belts when riding with someone else according to the CDC. Chevrolet’s technology helps combat this by automatically muting the audio until the driver and front passenger both have their seatbelts fastened. You’ll also be able to set a limit on how loud audio can be played while your teen is behind the wheel.

Chevrolet Teen Driving

With teen driver technology, you can also get a report card on how your teen drove your car when you weren’t with them. You’ll be able to see things like distance driven, maximum speed, how many safety and collision alerts they received while driving, and more. You can also set a limit on how fast your teen can drive your vehicle.

Chevrolet Teen Driving

So if you have a teen driver or a soon-to-be teen driver in your family, consider making your next vehicle one with Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology. Most of Chevrolet’s current models offer the technology with an in-vehicle report.

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